Welcome Friends

Wow... Life has been an amazing journey thus far for me and I am truly blessed to love my work. I personally have had a few health issues and understand how pain can be debilitating in life, however, that has never stopped me from pushing through and looking for answers . Early on I was a competitive swimmer and very athletic, however I was plagued by injuries and had a compromised immune system. At 40 ( I am now 50) I found out I had Celiacs Disease which probably contributed to many  of my medical issues. I have a cage and rods in my back, had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgery, Osteoporosis amidst many other health complications.This probably set me in the direction of healthcare which is where I found a great balance between traditional medicine and Holistic Healthcare. I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner for over 20 years and love trying to make a positive change in others lives. I am certified in many modalities of massage and also specialized in the treatment of Lymphedema.

The range of clients I treat is from Alzheimers, Cancer Patients, Sports Injuries, post surgical and many more. There is no age restriction on who I treat as I have worked with babies to the aging.  

I love partnering with my clients to facilitate in them reaching their healthcare goals. There is nothing better in life than helping someone have pain relief, a reduction In edema, increased range of motion or perhaps just a better sense of well being. In addition to Lymphedema Therapy  and Medical Massage I love assisting with dietary issues, weight loss and how to follow Dietary restrictions.

As for me personally, I love the outdoors, new adventures, travel, photography and best of all I love my amazing family and friends who have always been by my side.

Remember always ... try and be the reason someone smiles today.